Audio & Video Systems

Professional Install

Most home electronics are easy to set up and cheaper than ever. Brands like Nest, Ring and SONOS have created DIY products so that every homeowner can set up for themselves. So why use a custom AV integrator for music and TVs?

We have experience retrofitting electrical and low voltage up the walls to conceal wiring and create a proper finished look while minimizing the need for sheetrock damage and repair. We have worked in the industry many years and know which brands are trusted, reliable and high quality. We have access to products that are not available direct to consumers, and our pricing is as good or better than retailers.


Mounting a TV on any surface can be a pain, so let the professionals do it. We provide basic installs or complete custom solutions to not compromise the aesthetics in the room. Mirror TVs, Art Lifts, pop-up furniture and Frame TVs are all ways to conceal your electronics in plain view.

Whole Home Audio

There are many different ways to distribute music throughout your home. Most products provide options for wired or wireless speakers. The sound quality and even distribution throughout the room is far superior with in-ceiling speakers. But oftentimes construction restraints don't allow to get a wire without damage. We can help design the system that works best for your home based on what features you want.

  • TV Audio through Speakers
  • Streaming Music Services
  • Physical Media. CDs, Vinyl, USB/Storage Drives.
  • Volume Control by Room/Zone
  • How many independent streams of audio?

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