Lighting Control

Probably the most popular residential electronics system is Lighting Control. It provides a new level of ambiance that is memorized to your liking. When pulling into your driveway at night, "Geo-Fencing", recognizes your mobile device on the network, turns on the exterior lights and lights a path from your Garage to your bedroom. Keypads with buttons labeled as scenes, control lights throughout your home. Each scene is completely custom and tailored around you and your family's lifestyle. Control through a mobile app, Alexa and custom keypads add a new level of convenience and efficiency to your day.

Popular Scenes

  • "Goodbye", turns all of the lights in your house off.
  • "Entertain", will turn on the Living areas sconces,
  • art lights, under counter lights, chandeliers and lamps
  • at a warm 50-75% Dim level.
  • "Clean", will turn on all of the controlled lights in the house
  • at 100% brightness.
  • "Good Night", will turn off all of the lights except the bedrooms
  • and Master Bedroom Lamps.

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